This page contains links to documents authored by members and other voluntary personnel who would like to share their knowledge in research and development with regards to Welding Technology.

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  1. Presentation Material for Technical Talk on 18th June 2009, Mr Mark Bruke
  2. Presentation Material for Technical talk on 30th October 2009, Mr Sawanari Oyama
  3. Presentation Material for Economical Importance of Creep Resistance Flux & Metal Cored Wire, 4th March 2010
  4. Presentation Material for Advances in Cutting Technologies ESAB Cutting Systems, 25th May 2010
  5. Presentation Strip Cladding and Hardfacing Application, 29th Sep 2010
  6. Career in Welding, an appraisal for clearer perspective
  7. Ti Alloy Welding with Activating Flux, by Dr Sun Zheng and Mr. Pan Dayou
  8. Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection versus Radiography for Conductor and Casing Connector Pipe Welds, 22 June 2012 by Mr Steve Snyder and Mr Shaik Khaja Mohiuddin
  9. Friction Welding, 1st August 2014 by Rob Steven
  10. Positive Material Identification (PMI) using X-ray Fluorescent (XRF) Analyzers and Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES), 12th September 2014 by Mr Esko Kantonen


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