The Singapore Welding Society's Common Welder Qualification Scheme, SWS CWQS, was set up for the purpose of formulating standards requirements for the qualification of welders for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Its objectives are to ensure that participating test centers and test personnel fulfill the common requirements as set under the scheme, thus allowing the acceptance of welders qualified under the scheme by participating companies.

Ramifications of the above is a set of system that allow transfer of welders, qualified under the scheme, from company to company without the need for re-qualification. Main objective is to remove the wasteful practice of repeating welder qualification tests, thereby increasing the availability and productivity of the welder.

Being the approving body and authority in welder, SWS roles include:

  • Watchdog over the smooth implementation of CWQS and its supporting computurized management information system - Process Manpower Optimization System (PRiMOS)
  • Providing relevant management information from PRiMOS to relevant participants, including Economic Development Board (EDB) on industry statistics and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in support of the "Automatic Levy Conversion based on Trade Test Result" scheme
  • Administrative support on membership registration pertinent to welder module

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