1.  Assisting in the development of national/international standards
2.  Learning from experts in the industry through technical talks/forums
3.  Networking at  the member's night and annual dinner
4.  Engaging of technical consultancy services
5.  Participating in the common welder qualification scheme
6.  Participating in organised tour to welding related companies/industries (locally & overseas)
7.  Promoting corporate member's services and products
8.  Sharing valuable experience with the welding community
9.  Opportunities for networking with others in welding industry
10. Participating in the Society's activities
11. Participating in the international certification programs such as American Welding Society (AWS), American Petroluem Institute (API), British Institute of Nondestructive Testing (BINDT), International Institute of Welding (IIW), SWS ICAS, etc.,
12. Attending training courses, ie AWS, API, IIW, SWS, etc.,
13. Corporate discounts for attending training courses/seminars/workshops
14. Updating of regional and international activities
15. Providing internet-based connectivity through iMOS
16.Giving back to the industry and helping the Society to advance forward
17. Assisting members in obtaining selected technical and research papers on welding and related technology from the library of local and international institutions (IIW, etc).