Rules and Procedures for SWS's Consultancy Service

To whom is the service provided?

The consultancy service is provided to SWS members only. Non-members who have technical problems should become SWS members first before the job is undertaken contractually. This is to avoid any taxation problem.

Determination of the Consultancy Fee

The fee should be determined by SWS in consultation with the individual consultant involved. This consultation is necessary because only the consultant knows how much actual work is involved.

Charge by SWS

A sum equivalent to 15% of the net consultancy fee should be paid to SWS. This should be regarded as an administrative fee for SWS from the consultant who gets the job through SWS.

Criteria for Nomination of Consultants

The consultants must be a SWS member, have good professional qualification and good track record in solving welding-related engineering problems.

Responsibility and Liability

For 15% administrative fee, SWS cannot be made responsible for the services undertaken by the consultant in case of any litigation between the consultant and the third party. The consultant is professionally responsible for the job.

Consultancy Proposal and Contract

The consultancy proposal is made in the name of the consultant himself or the consultancy organisation but should be communicated through SWS. The letter from SWS should mention that the consultant has been recommended by SWS for the job on the basis of known expertise, experience, etc. and that SWS bears no liability and responsibility in the consultancy services offered by the consultant.

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