The "ASIAN WELDING FEDERATION (AWF)" is a federation formed by the Asian Welding Societies/institutes/associations.

The AWF is a non-profit making organization deveoted to the improvemnt and promotion of welding technology through the exchange of scientific information and knowledge for the betterment of the welding communities in Asia in terms of economics and technological progress and growth.

The main objectives are as follows:

  1. Standardization of welding skill and qualification
  2. Promoting more exchange of scientific and technical information in welding and transfer of welding knowledge and skills
  3. Develop a formal structure to promote and guide AWF members towards a common welding standard
  4. Defining common guidelines for the education, training, qualification and certficiation of personnel in welding and its related technology
  5. Increasing welding qualification and efficiency


In meeting these objectives, the AWF will use various working units, sub-committees or groups and forms of activities deemed necessary, independently or in co-operation with other bodies having similar or complementary goals. A copy of the charter is attached for more detail activties of AWF.

The AWF membership is growing since the formation in year 2004. Currently we have members from China, Indonesia, Iran, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore