There are currently eight PCN test centres worldwide and seven of these are located in the UK. SWS has therefore the unique distinction of being the first such centre outside the UK. This status is indeed a landmark achievement for SWS.

In March 1999 under the assistance of an external consultant, SWS in conjunction with Setsco Services Pte Ltd was successfully audited by PCN of the British Institute of NDT.

SWS is now a PCN-approved and an ISO 9002 Test Centre within the facilities of Setsco Services Pte Ltd for NDT Personnel Certification. The approval covers tests at all available levels for eddy current, ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant test methods in the aerospace and weldment sectors, and also tests at all available levels for magnetic particle and liquid penetrant test methods in the multi-sector (i.e. general engineering materials and components). This is an independent third party certification scheme that is widely adopted and accepted internationally by industries particularly in Europe.

Annual Audit

The first annual audit on 21st March 2000 was a success. The British Institute of NDT has given SWS the approval to continue qualification examinations for NDT personnel under the PCN scheme at the SWS PCN Test Centre and also issued the certificate of conformance to PCN document CP9 and ISO 9002 – 1994.

NDT Personnel Certification under the PCN scheme is now available from SWS. Examination candidates must show proof that they have received NDT training structured in accordance to a PCN-approved training programme. Such a training programme is available at Setsco Services Pte Ltd.


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